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Fleet Repair in Murray, UT


Dwight's Fleet And Auto Repair provides service plans tailored to fit your company needs.  We offer a discounted fleet labor rate of $70.00 per hour.

Dwight's Fleet And Auto Repair excels in Best of Class maintenance and repair of all your fleet vehicles. We provide Murray, UT with unparalleled bumper-to-bumper preventative management, proper diagnostics and skilled repairs. Our highly trained technicians can Identify issues prior to failure giving us the ability to replace or repair these parts during normal maintenance. This can make a difference between you Leaving as a satisfied customer or Sitting on the side of the road awaiting road service.

The focus of Dwight's Fleet And Auto Repair is proactive maintenance for your fleet vehicles preventing unexpected breakdowns saving you both time and money. But should the unanticipated repair need to be made we are ready with a full staff of technicians that are up to date on their certifications with all the latest service technology, information and state-of-the-art equipment at their finger-tips. We have a well managed shop that is organized and stresses the effectiveness of good communication skills between our staff and you, the customer. With flexible scheduling, cost-effective maintenance and repair and our team of professionals standing behind you, your fleet vehicles are guaranteed to peak performance and cost less to operate.

Our goal is simple – to build long-lasting relationships with our customers by providing an honest value for their dollar. All with speed, proficiency and the utmost respect and courtesy.


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